This list is not exhaustive - merely an indication of the minimum requirement. Some items ARE mandatory. These are marked *.

To download a copy of the Kit List, please click here.


* Beret (with a badge preferably)
* Dpm jacket (British army design, the mercenary look is just not in this season)
* Dpm trousers / OG’s (see above)
* Dms boots (veterans amongst you might know them as combat boots)
* Sleeping bag (self-explanatory really)


* Rucksack (30-40 litres should do unless you’re carrying the sleeping bag)
* Waterproof jacket (well we will be walking close to Wales)
* Waterproof trousers (and England for that matter)
* Bivvi-bag (big orange thingy, no bivvi bag = no walk)
* Whistle (to call “INTERNATIONAL RESCUE” not that you really want to)
* Boots (any sort as long as they are not trainers)
* Warm clothing (a fleece or thick jumper)
* Hat and gloves (see waterproof jacket)
* Emergency rations (more than one mars bar, less than a family sized pizza)
* Water bottle (no less than 1 litre of water)
* Compass (minimum 2 per team)


* Knife, fork, spoon and mug (well you want to eat don’t you?)
* Hard boiled egg (just because we can ok, oh and a name please)
* F3822 (little blue book, ID, you know the score)
* Trainers (for canoeing etc, so brand new ones might not be a good idea)
OG shirt (to wear underneath jacket and on top of whatever takes your fancy)
Wash kit (to stop that antisocial atmosphere)
Towel (for use with above)
Sqn t-shirts (can replace OG shirt if worn by all of team)
Torch (for those illuminating moments)
Spare clothing (socks, trousers and underclothes)
Pen and paper
Boot cleaning kit (doh!)
Money (there will be a canteen / NAAFI in the evenings)
Civvies (stuff for the disco)